Thursday, December 19, 2019


I received some shocking news a few days ago that I’m struggling to process. A friend of mine that I first met in high school ended his life. He leaves behind a wife and three children…and countless people that were fortunate enough to call David a friend. Over 1200 mourners came to his memorial visitation, lining up for hours for their moment to say goodbye. That gives you some idea of the positive impact he had on those he came into contact with. 

Outwardly, David was cheerful, positive, fun, energetic and kind. He literally always had a smile on his face. His internal struggles, however, were obviously deeper than anyone could have known. This comes as a complete shock and I find myself unable to wrap my head around it. 

In this drawing, I tried to illustrate how there can often be two sides to someone. On one side they appear to be happy to those around them, but on the flip side, they are struggling with darkness. 

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