Sunday, August 9, 2015

Don't forget about me

This news report isn't entirely accurate. I don't know where Stan gets his facts. However, I will be away for some time. The reason isn't quite as intriguing as alien abduction though. 

For those of you that follow me, you'll know that my family and I are moving. My wife starts her new job tomorrow. Our new home town is 5 hours away so she will be living in a hotel until it is time for all of us to move into our new house. During this time, I will be alone with our two wild and crazy boys for approximately 5 weeks. 

My boys are in perpetual motion and don't believe in the concept of sleep. As a result, I will have absolutely no time to draw and post any doodles. Hopefully by late September though I will have my studio set up in our new abode. 

I'm sure Stan will report on my return.

(Staedtler Pigment Liner 0.3 on 28lb. Laser Paper. Digitally coloured in Photoshop)

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